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Bench-Bar Conference 2019

Seminar Handouts

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Time Seminar Name

Presenter Biographies


Biographies 2019 (PDF) 174 KB

9:00 AM

Criminal Bench Roundtable

Firearms Relinquishment (PDF) 1,687 KB

Marijuana Diversion Program (PDF) 1,424 KB

Section 2, Title 18 (PDF) 250 KB

9:00 AM

Avoiding Malpractice

Avoiding Malpractice (PDF) 52 KB

10:15 AM

Doctor’s Orders: Examining Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis CLE (PDF) 229 KB

Marijuana Diversion Program (PDF) 1,424 KB

10:15 AM

Social Security Retirement and Family Law

Social Security Basics (PDF) 666 KB

William Morgan, CPA, PFS (PDF) 55 KB

10:15 AM

Lawyers As Employers: 10 Things Every Attorney Who’s an Employer Needs to Know

01387540 (PowerPoint) 157 KB

01388456(PDF) 279 KB

Record Types Retention Periods (PDF) 55 KB

11:30 AM

Criminal Law Update

Criminal Law Update (PDF) 2,183 KB

11:30 AM

Family Law Ethics

Family Law Ethics 1 (PDF) 3,321 KB

Family law Ethics 2 (PDF) 240 KB

Family Law Ethics Links (PDF) 270 KB

11:30 AM

New Rules for Guardianships and the Guardianship Tracking System

Guardianship Tracking (PDF) 49,698 KB

Guardianship CLE (PDF) 221 KB

1:45  PM

Plenary: De-Stress for Success: Techniques for Training Your Brain to Improve Wellness

4D Breathing Exercises (PDF) 858 KB

4D Areas of Brain Affected by Trauma (PDF) 293 KB

3:00  PM

Ensuring Access to Justice for All

Access CLE (PDF) 8,049 KB

Access PowerPoint (PDF) 5,347 KB

Language Access Bios (PDF) 125 KB

4:15 PM

Ethics for the Criminal Bar

Ethics for the Criminal Bar (PDF) 211 KB

4:15 PM

Handling Self-Representation Frustration

Handling Self Representation Frustration (PDF) 211 KB

Supporting Documents (PDF) 905 KB

Judge Clifford (PDF) 107 KB

4:15 PM

Municipal Law Update

Municipal Law Update (PDF) 211 KB