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2018 Committee Chairpersons

Committee Name Title Member Contact
Admissions and Membership Chair Alisa R. Hobart 610-478-6000
Alternative Dispute Resolution Chair Frederick K. Hatt 610-898-0660
Berks Barrister Chair Matthew M. Mayer 610-372-3500 
Bench-Bar Conference Chair Allen R. Shollenberger 610-372-3500 
Bylaws Chair Douglass P. Rauch 610-898-9500
Citizenship Co-Chair Andrew F. Fick  610-375-6131 
Co-Chair Colleen M.Normile 610-370-7296 
Civil Liberties Chair Louis M. Shucker 610-916-8601
Client Dispute Resolution Chair Eden R. Bucher 610-372-3500
Common Pleas Court Rules Chair John J. Miravich  610-458-7500
Community Outreach Chair Susan N. Denaro 610-374-2103 
Criminal Law Co-Chair Roarke Aston 610-478-6650 x 3358 
Co-Chair Jason C. Glessner 610-478-6000 x 5018
Co-Chair Andrea E. Mertz 610-898-8500
Diversity Chair Daniel E. P. Bausher  610-478-2000
Entertainment Chair Michael J. Gombar, Jr. 610-372-7700 
Governmental Affairs Chair James M. Smith 610-944-8406 
Immigration Law Chair Jacquelyn M. Kline 484-926-2014
Investment Chair Charles J. Phillips 610-372-3500 
Law Day Co-Chair Julie J. Marburger 610-374-2400
Law Explorer Post Chair Michael C. Wieder 610-478-6208 x 5750 
Law Journal Chair Karen H. Cook 610-372-7700
Lawyer Referral/Legal Aid Chair Amy B. Good 610-376-8656 x 3212 
Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Chair Heidi B. Masano 610-372-7700
Mock Trial Chair Matthew B. Banks 610-413-7138
Orphans' Court Rules Chair Sean J. O'Brien 610-376-1515
Public Relations Chair Scott C. Painter 610-378-5140
Strategic Planning Chair Kurt Althouse 610-374-8377 
"Ask A Lawyer" BCTV Chair Honorable Thomas G. Parisi 610-478-6208
Technology Chair Jeffrey A. Franklin 610-914-1953
Unauthorized Practice of Law Chair Edwin L. Stock 610-372-5588